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            Drug supply quality management

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            Drug Good Supply Practice

            We conduct strict control and management in the drug supply processes:



            With strict verification regulation for the company of first cooperation, we only purchase from licensed companies, especially from those credible ones with GSP or GMP certificates. For drugs first purchased from manufacturers, we conduct verification of their legitimacy and quality. The sales of the suppliers should also be verified for their lawful qualifications. Prior to the drug purchase, a contract including quality assurance terms or a quality assurance agreement must be signed. Purchase records should be made after the purchase.

            2.Inspection and acceptance:

            Check the purchased and returned drugs by batch in accordance with legal quality standards and the quality provisions written in the contracts. Inspection records are made accordingly and qualified drugs are accepted into the warehouse.

            3.Storage and preservation:

            Classify and store the drugs in strict accordance with the nature and the storage conditions. Drugs requiring special storage are stored in the specific warehouse with safety monitoring measures. The warehouse keepers strictly control the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, make preservation records and quality management for the stored drugs, and make preservation files for key drugs.

            4.Out-of-warehouse and transportation:

            Drugs are prepared when the "sales certificate" is provided, by the principle of "first and recently produced, first out by the batch number". When out of the warehouse, every item on the "sales certificate" and the quality of the drugs will be rechecked. For drugs requiring specific temperature, necessary measures are taken considering the season and the distance in the transportation and transportation records are made accordingly.

            5.Sales and after-sales service:

            Adhering to the concept of "customer first, credibility first", we conduct strict management on drug sales. The sales license of sales company is verified. No supply is allowed to companies with no or inadequate license or documentation, or operating beyond the license. Timely and complete sales records are produced and quality follow-up of sold drugs are carefully recorded.

            In addition, we have a Drug Supply Chain Management System, in appliance with GSP standards, to manage every step during the process by computer, covering drug purchase, acceptance, storage, sales and out-of-warehouse.

            Supported by the complete IT-based process management system, we operate drugs in a more scientific, precise and standard way, thus ensuring the quality of our drug supply operation.

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