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          2. 歡迎光臨華藥國際醫藥有限公司!


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            Add:217-1,East Heping Road, Shijiangzhuang, Hebei P.R.China.050015


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            •  In august 1988, NCPC was approved and authorized the autonomy of business operation of the foreign trade by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. 


            • In October 1988, NCPC Import and Export trade Limited Company   was established and began operation. It was actually a branch of NCPC which carried out the function of import and export.


            •  In 1995, NCPC applied for the dealership of import & export businesses and intended to restructure into a limited liability company according to the latest policy of the Department of Foreign Trade.


            •  In January 1996, due to the requirement of enterprise reform and development, the former North China Pharmaceutical Factory set up the North China Pharmaceutical Company Group. The same year, NCPC Import and Export Trade CO., LTD was officially founded as a separate legal entity. It was a independent operation and financial self-sufficiency subsidiary with a registered capital of RMB 320,000,0 in which the North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation invested RMB 224,000,0 (70%) and the Preparation Company invested RMB960,000(30%). 


            • §As finalized on the Board meeting and approved by the Hebei State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Preparation Company transferred its holding of 30% of international trade company’s share rights to NCPC. Then NCPC transferred 21% of foreign trade company’s share rights to NCPC Welcome Co.,Ltd ,NCPC Victor Co.,Ltd, NCPC Beida Co., Ltd, North China Pharmaceutical Huasheng Co., Ltd separately. The portion of transfer amount are: 6%、5%、5%、5%.Consequently, the shareholder structures of foreign trade company are 49% ownership by North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and 51% owner by North China Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


            • In the year 2011, with the strong support of North China Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd , NCPC International boosted its capital to RMB400, 000, 00.


            • In 2011, NCPC became the holding company of NCPC Heibei Pharmaceutical Company; the shareholding ratio is 80%. In this case, NCPC International completed the consolidation of pharmaceutical business of Heibei province and had stepped solid one pace for the structure adjustment and upgrading of NCPC.


            •  In 2012 NCPC International increased its registered capital to RMB104, 922, 000.


            • In 2015, NCPC International had been confirmed as the centralized platform for exporting the preparations of NCPC and took charge of NCPC’s preparations exporting business.

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